About Us


Crystal Lining is a reputed and an experienced establishment prominent and distinguished firm in United Arab Emirates serving Construction Sector with its business main core of versatility, dynamic and progressive. The company become grown, successful and become a leader in this industry. The consistent success of the company it through its ability to bring innovative solutions to the clients and industry. We supply highest quality products, together with technical support & installation services for the projects. The company is known for its quality of work and non-wavering commitments to fulfil each requirements of the clients.
We could provide widest ranges of world class brand and high quality products that are used in Environmental, Industrial & Private Projects. We has been the professional supplier of Specialized in Geotextile, HDPE Liner, GCL-Geosynthetic Clay Liner, PVC Geomembrane, Gabbions, Geocell, Grass Paver, Soakaway, Drainage Sheet, Concrete Mattress, Silt Curtain Oil Containment Boom, Geogrid, Solar Street Light, Solar Tower Light, Solar Flasher Light, EPDM Water Proofing Membrane, Drainage Geocomposite, Erosion Control Matt, HDPE Geomembrane Ground Water Tank and Combo Roof System. Our goal is to provide the projects in the Gulf region with highest quality Geosynthetic and Geomembrane Material and other Specialized Building Materials with Technical Support and world class Installation Services to solve the customer’s needs.
We also do consultancy services for all types of Geosynthetic and Geomembrane applications to be most preferred, trusted and successful long term company provide and supply sustainable products and services to add tangible value to the business of our clients.
No matter how much projects we have to handle simultaneously, our resourcefulness guarantees no compromise on the quality parameters. Also, we understand the significance of client deadlines and hence strictly adhere to the time frame suggested by them.
Our team fuelled by passion and driven by values is committed to follow a result-oriented approach and provide you precisely tailor made products suiting your exact requirements. We firmly believe that quality is not to be confined merely to the products supplied but it has to be mirrored in every facet of business Crystal Lining has always tried for the same and we believe to have succeeded in that to the maximum possible extent.
We understand the power of virtues that teamwork can bestow. So, we create and flawlessly maintain an employee friendly atmosphere and remunerate them as per the industry standards with special incentives for better performance. This keeps their spirit raised and we believe “Happy employees make happy clients”
As of now, Crystal Lining is an approved seller by almost all major GCC sectors. We are also the most sought out option by all leading Contractor, Consultants and Clients. Our vast pool of satisfied customers keeps on increasing continuously and we have accomplished many prestigious projects from almost every part of the globe.
To be the most reputed and ultimate destination offering all types of building materials and the related Crystal lining offers flexible options to assure that customers from different industry verticals and from every economic category benefit from our services. Reach us to experience professionalism, pleasure and perfection right from the order placement to product delivery and even beyond. Your smile and satisfaction matters a lot and in fact matters the most.