Erosion Control Matt


Erosion Control Matt is a volumetric geomat made from high density polyethylene and designed to control erosion. It guarantees permanent protection against soil erosion from the moment of its installation.

Erosion Control Matt is easy to install and is highly resistant to degradation. It can be used on all types of sloping ground. Easy to unroll and lay, it fixes recently installed soils and plantings to perfection, preventing them from becoming waterlogged or swept away. It provides protection even before there is vegetation present.

Erosion Control Matt allows good germination and facilitates the growth of vegetation.

After only a few months, the root network becomes interlaced with the Erosion Control Matt mesh, thereby stabilising the upper layer and allowing a deeper network of roots to develop over time. The vegetation that develops reinforces and embellishes the land, guaranteeing a green and healthy environment.