HDPE Liner


HDPE is a Geomembrane manufactured from maximum quality high density polyethylene HDPE resins, duly contrasted, that comply with the most rigorous requirements established for their use.

HDPE contains 97.5% of pure polymer, and approximately 2.5% of Carbon Black, antioxidants and thermal stabilizers. The product does not contain plasticizers or fillers that can migrate over time.

The Geomembrane HDPE is manufactured under permanent quality controls and have a lot of successful jobs at GCC and over the worlds.


Landfill (primary & secondary containment) -Landfill caps/closures-Lagoon Liners- Mining Heap Leach Pads; Pond Liners-Agriculture Pond Liners- Canal linings- raw water treatment reservoirs; Potable water reservoirs- Retention ponds- Floating Covers- Secondary containment for above ground storage tanks; Solutions ponds for mining applications-Tank linings; Waste water treatment lagoon.